Major changes over the last decade did not happen on technology or communication, but in the intersection of both fields.

As a result of this struggle Operators in LATAM are changing at great pace.

They seek new end subs segments, simplify communication, offer more speed and brand new equipment.

More, Operators are exploring new business; they try to catch-up with new ideas about Contents and OTT.

This fact has multiple consequences.

  • Content must be selected, managed and adjusted to new media and devices.
  • Integration with Legacy systems is esential to add new revenue streams to traditional income.
  • KPI definition is on the rise. Clusters of new end subs means understing the business.  Analytics is a big stuff now.
  • Key personnel must be trained in new skills. It is required a balance between commercial and technical views.

Snark Consulting offer three different ways of supporting Operators: 

  • For global vendors, they need to start business in LATAM from scratch with a clear roadmap.
  • For Operators, the message is to train top management about trends and changes
  • We also offer to solve specific Media and Technology problems via short-term consultancies.