“We do biz dev.” Big words. You can hear that everywhere.

Ask ten VPs of Business Development what that means, and you will get ten different answers.

Biz Dev is about all the whole end-to-end sales process: know the prospect, spend some time with him over the phone and in meetings.

It means understanding exactly what the Client needs. It is also bring to the table the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Biz Dev also demands to stay with the customer from the PO until the end of the delivery phase.

But LATAM region has some oddities.

You are supposed to to speak to the customers in Spanish and Portuguese; to be flexible and patient.

It also means a very careful travel organization, track closely RFP processes and finally get the PO.

“We do biz dev”.  Of course.

Snark Consulting has been there, and we know how to make the business blossom even in unexpected situations.

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