Typically an Operator asks for Consulting in one of these situations.

  • When there is a specific need of tackling a problem in a short time frame (2 to 6 months).
  • When it is imperative to get additional insight from professionals involved in similar cases.
  • When it is impossible to solve the problem the with the Operator resources.

Some examples here:

  • Revenue losses are usual when the Operator faces difficult times. Leakages occur because of lack of focus, process failures or limited resources. Standard revenue assurance methods help to solve these situations (where 0,5% of total revenues are in danger).
  • The trick here is not only to identify, but to help to correct the problem: solve the SW bug, change supervision or develop control points.
  • No matter if these methods lies now in the “Analytics” or “Big Data” new realms: the idea is to help to identify esential KPIs,  negotiate within the Operator a different approach, and to solve a leakage.
  • Other type of consultancies are required during fat years. Some examples here: broadband churn management, correlation analysis of Credit Notes with ARPU of subscribers, OTT launches, modeling of Content costs, new contracts of Pay-TV or VoD with Studios, and evaluation of explosive growth start-ups by using “S-curves”.

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