Snark offers personalized trainings for Operators.

The underlying subject in all these trainings is to understand the irruption of new technologies and the impact on business.

The trainings are usually tailored with the help of HR area, planning ahead the content for specific audiences.

Trainings are designed in 4-hours modules which are adjustable to customer needs and performed “in house”.

Some examples of these modules are: Trends, B2B Sales, Innovation, Product, Big Data, and Modeling.

Size of the audience suggested is around 15 individuals .

Trainings are neither traditional nor owlish. Business cases, Excel modeling, short videos and team activities are combined with slides.

The ultimate goal for any participant is to be able to estimate the impact of a new trend on a given Operator business.

But personal involvement as well as work atmosphere improvement  and a taste for curiosity are healthy secondary effects.

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Modules examples